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Vildhjarta | Unguided |  Imminence | Baby Jane | Jd Miller | Concelead in Clouds | Faithful Darkness |
Start a fire | 
A Silent Escape | Lechery | Web | The Huddson Horror | Agonize the Serpent | Krehated |
Directive | Assimilate | Dödaren | Ablaze my Sorrow | Firstborn | Kid Galahad | Embodided |
Bloodlit |
Hello and So | Cipher System | A glimpse of daylight | My Collapse| Vengha |
Despite | Obliterationist | Project XY | Chugger | Aktaion | Grayscale Season |



UA 2-1176Urei La22Urei 535 Eq
Tk Audio Bc-1Alan Smart C1Warm Audio EqPa pair
Prime SSLPrime 1176Focusrite Octopre (8ch)
Radial DiLittleLabs RedeyeLittleLabs Redeye

Crane Song Spider 8ch.API 3124+ VintechAudio 473
Focusrite Red 1Tubetech Mp1aFocusrite OctoPre

Neumann 269cNeumann u67Neumann u87 (x2)
Neumann km84 (x4)Peluso 2247leRoyer 121 (x2)
Shure Sm57 (x6)SennH. Md 421 (x4)Shure beta 91a
Shure Sm7bAudioTech. 450 (4x)Shure Beta52a

Peavey JsxFractal Axe Fx 2Kemper Amp
Esp Ltd w. EvertuneFender US. Jazz bass Jackson Dinky Dkmg
Mesa Boogie 2x12Ibanez Ts9DxSansamp Tech 21


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